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designers mx

I came across this site and loved the concept immediately. It’s simple really:

Designers MX is a music site where designers can upload their own mix tapes (really playlists in this day and age, unfortunately they don’t mail out physical mixtapes, which would be awesome), which is cool on it’s own; I can imagine that a lot of designers have the same or similar taste in music and sharing just makes for discovering more awesome music and maybe making friends along the way. The next part is what really gets me though: when a designer uploads a mix they also design a cover to go with it. It’s this part that makes the site so fun and specific to designers. What designer doesn’t want to design album artwork? This site gives you that opportunity, but better yet the work you do is really all for you instead of a client so you can be as creative as you want, and you get to design with your favourite music in mind. Cool right?

The project was created by CoFinery and has a ton of members already. Anybody can join (albeit via a Twitter account) and members create playlists with Spotify to bring to the site. Despite the fact that anybody can submit I’m glad to see that that hasn’t affected the quality of the cover images much, most of them look great with great photography, typography and illustration; people clearly put thought into their work. The quality of the music selection is up to you though. ;)

(via Mercury & Mars)